Jrs tracking couriers

Everyone wants to track their parcels and get updated information, but they do not want to call customer support again and again for the info. We have created a tracker to track couriers online. It helps the customers to know their parcels’ current location. Enter the Jrs tracking number (OR and BC) or Airway bill in the below tracker system to trace and track the Philippines jrs express couriers, shipments, and packages.

Track Your courier

What is the jrs tracking number?

In the early days of courier delivery businesses, they flopped because the parcels got lost, and there was no way to track the packages. A lot of goods were lost, which thousands of dollars prices and the company was unable to recover it. Then the logistic business owners thought about how to overcome this problem, and then they introduced a tracker for courier tracking. The customer will track their parcel and also can trace the shipment or container route with the help of a tracking number.

Jrs express assigns a unique tracking number to every parcel before taking its responsibility. The Jrs express provides the tracking number to the customers on the receipt for courier delivery details and shipment route details.

If you have lost the tracking number receipt, you can contact customer support and give details about your parcel; they will find your parcel’s current location and provide you with more information.

How do I get Jrs express tracking number from the merchant website?

If you ordered any product on the merchant website or app, you could check the tracking number in the ordered history. Or follow the following steps.

  • Open the merchant website
  • Click on the order page
  • Check the order history by Jrs express or order confirmation email
  • The tracking number is available there

Can I share my Jrs express parcel tracking number with others?

No, You cannot share the tracking number with others because if they came to the office and received your valuable parcel with the tracking number, then the company will not be responsible for this act. So you have to care about your valuable package.

How to track the Jrs express parcels?

There are two methods to track the Jrs parcels, which are below.

Jrs express courier tracking through website tracker

Follow the following steps to track the jrs couriers through the website tracker online.

  • Open track courier online website
  • Select the Jrs courier tracker
  • Enter the tracking number
  • Press the track button
  • Fill out the form and press track
  • The details of the parcels will show on the screen.
jrs tracking with the tracking number.

Jrs courier tracking through customer support

If you don’t believe in the tracker result, then you can contact customer support for the details; this method works for you during the working hours/days of the support team, but the result will be believable and accurate.

Why is JRS express courier tracking important?

Jrs courier tracking is essential for the customers because they will know about their parcels and the container route. If the tracker does not show any details, you need to contact customer support; maybe your order is lost or stolen or still in its initial stage instead of the delivery process. Then you need to get the customer support team and ask them about your parcel.

 The courier tracking is also essential for you. If the tracker shows your courier status is delivered, you need to know about your parcel if you did not receive it. Maybe they had the courier to your other family member or neighbours if you were not at home or home locked.

If the tracker shows your couriers are in pending status, it means the delivery boy came to your home and found it locked. Also, you did not pick up the call, then the delivery boy returned, and your parcel is on the pending list of nearly branched office. Then you must go to the nearby branch office of Jrs and pick up the package before its return.

What are things allowed and not allowed for delivery?

Things that are not allowed

All those things prohibited by the Philippines law are not allowed, and some are below.

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Currencies 
  • Animals
  • Fire products

Things that are allowed

Jrs delivers all those products allowed by the law, some of which are below.

  • Pouches
  • Bags
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • documents
  • All other Ecommerce products

Why will you choose Jrs Express for courier delivery?

There are many reasons to select Express Jrs for the parcel delivery, but some are below.

When will my Jrs courier deliver?

Your courier delivered on the mentioned date of the receipt. Jrs shipment or container can be late only in the emergencies like a flood, heavy rain, traffic, thunderstorm etc., so you have to show patience in this situation. 

About JRS Business Corporation

Jrs Express is one of the best courier delivery companies in the Philippines, playing an essential role in the country’s growth. Jrs services are express delivery and value-added courier delivery, which makes them better than other Philippines courier delivery companies. Jrs Express has an extensive network of 400+ branches, allowing them to deliver parcels in far cities.

 JRS Business Corporation was established on 16 June 1960 and registered in all the securities and other registry departments. In 1961, Jrs organized a conference in which they delivered a message of Jrs services plan for the next 50 years and goals achieved with hard work.

As Jrs planned to achieve the goals, In 1971, they expanded their business and added an air freight forwarding service. They were slowly moving toward the achievement of their objectives. In 1980 Jrs registered as Jrs express to promote the company to a higher level. In 1882, they received a letter to expand their business and work on international air freight forwarding.

JRS Business Corporation Aim  

The main aim of Jrs is to provide the best delivery services in the Philippines and fill customer requirements at low prices.

JRS Business Corporation’s vision

Jrs vision is to expand the leading and logistic business worldwide and minimize the customer problems to fill up with the solutions.

Jrs Rates 

The rates are comparatively lower than the other logistic companies in the Philippines with world-class delivery services. JRS express delivery rate depends upon the distance between origin to its destination, additional insurance charges and valuation charges, and the parcel’s volume and weight.

You can easily calculate the express delivery company rates through the calculator, which is available on the official website of JRS express. You can visit and figure out the rates there.

  • Open the Jrs Express website
  • Click on the rates
  • choose domestic or international delivery
  • select the delivery service (regular or express)
  • choose the box size as per your delivery box  
  • Add origin to destination, additional charges, volume, and weight.
  • Click on the calculate rate button
  • The delivery price will show to you

Jrs express contact number

 Suppose you need help or information related to the Jrs express or want to talk to the Jrs support team through the given email address or phone number. The support team will help you and solve your problems quickly.

Jrs express contact number
For Inquiries
Email Address : [email protected]
phone number: (02) 631-7351 to 56 
for complaint and deliver status
Email address: [email protected];
phone number: (02) 631-7351 to 56

Can I send documents through JRS Express?

 Yes, you can send the documents, books, files etc., through JRS.

Can I send Mobiles through JRS Express?

Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, TVs, and printers are allowed.

How long is the JRS Express delivery time?

The Jrs express delivers the parcel in next day everywhere in the Philippines. The delivery time is 1 to 8 days for the international air freight forwarding service.

What is jrs tracking number sample?

 Jrs tracking number contains OR and BC, mentioned on the receipt’s right side. Sample of jrs tracking number OR 652927 and BC 2351.

Which is cheaper, LBC or JRS?

The prices of Jrs are less than the LBC. Most ecommerce stores rely on the JRS for high-quality service at a low price.

Does Jrs have a tracking number?

Yes, Jrs have a tracking number for the courier delivery tracking, which also allows the customers to track the shipment. 

What is bc in jrs tracking?

The Jrs BC is the observation of branch code.

Is JRS and J&T the same? 

No, JRS and J&T are both different.